Business Sharing

Бизнес Шеринг

  • Do you work in IT for a large company?
  • Do you feel the need and desire to start working "for yourself", but you are not ready to take risks?
  • Do you have any experience in developing, creating or selling IT products and services that may be part of the market demand?

Join us and fulfil your potential!

Create your own IT business, become someone's partner or just get additional income whilst still being employed at your work!

The partnership formula

  • Leadership and organisational skills
  • Product / opportunity to provide a service (both individually and as a team)  that may interest other companies
  • The desire to try yourself as an entrepreneur in the field of IT
Business Sharing
  • Legal entity
  • Our business contacts among Contractors and Customers and IT
  • Partner assistance in creating, promoting and selling IT products and services
  • Finances
  • Ability to hire and involve a team
  • Back office of all procedures (bidding, accounting, contractors, lawyers)
  • Administrative support

Joint income, which is shared depending on the contribution

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Could you please give some examples of such partnerships?

Sure. Our partner Ivan used to be the head of the Software Robot Development Department (RPA). Together with Ivan we participated in many competitions, winning several projects for implementation. In particular, we helped Ivan to offer them to our current clients. Some of Ivan's colleagues performed the work worked after their office hours, for which they received additional compensation. Each project was finalised with a positive financial result, Ivan eventually received a significant percentage of the profit. Nowadays, he actively continues his work in this sphere.

Do I need to quit my current job?

There is no such requirement, and in general, you can combine your current job with business sharing. However, we carefully evaluate each case individually, so that the combination of activities does not become a key obstacle in the implementation of the idea.

Why are you needed? Why can't I do it all by myself?

Of course you can. But often it can turn out to be
tricky and risky, because you will have to solve a variety of situations and issues by yourself, starting from the opening of a legal entity status that can pass security checks from clients to the search for performers, sales, administrative solutions, questions, etc. Quite often those tasks frighten people off, but in the end a dream remains a dream.

What do I get out of it?

As part of the partnership, we shall share the profit together. The terms will depend on the details and input of the parties and will be discussed individually.

How exactly does it work in practice?

If you have some significant experience in IT (maybe you have already developed a system), you and your colleagues are ready to provide IT services as consultants, or you may know potential customers who need an IT product or service, and therefore we can become partners and try to implement it together.

What makes you different from an accelerator?

Traditionally, accelerators help small teams create and bring their product to market. And we assist IT managers to see beyond the limits of their corporate environment by helping them to independently engage in IT business in the area where they already have experience and skills, while still being employed at their work.