Smart Solutions is an information technology consulting company

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Leaders in IT solutions
Leaders in IT solutions
for mining and metallurgical industries
1st Place MINEX 2022
1 place
MainDigital Russia 2022
together with Raspadskaya Coal Company LLC
1 place
MainDigital Russia 2021
together with Nordgold
1st place with MainDigital 2021

Why «Intelligent Solutions»


Flexible approach to project management

We implement our projects using both Waterfall and Agile methodology.
Considering the functional specifics of our projects, we prefer Agile, giving the Customer quick and manageable results that create value for your Company from the very first releases.


Professional team

The management team has more than 15 years of experience working with large and within large companies
Experts in various areas of Industry 4.0 technologies and development team.


Our principles

We do our work efficiently, achieving the final result for the Customer
In projects with our customers, we see ourselves not as Contractors, but as an integral part of a single team with common goals.
Automation of production business processes
Software robots
AI and computer vision
Mobile development
Analytical reporting systems and Dashboard
Outstaffing of IT specialists
Management consulting
Other solutions

Key Products

General production processes

Manufacturing Ecosystem

A comprehensive system for monitoring and planning production indicators for coal mining enterprises, which replaces the entire cycle of manual operational and budget planning, helps in tracking actual indicators: underground mining, processing plants, open pit mining.


The rhythm of the movement of dump trucks

A product for optimizing the work of a dump truck scheduling dispatcher, which solves the problems of calculating the rating of dump truck drivers, optimal placement of dump trucks at the beginning of a shift, informing drivers about the distribution of drivers among dump trucks, and also reflects the current picture of the queue and movement of dump trucks with recommendations to the dispatcher about the necessary rearrangements.


Core Analyzer

A system for analyzing drill core, RC cuttings and rock based on photo and hyperspectral images to describe geological and geomechanical characteristics.